I decided to develop a career in PR and communications after being a client; as product manager for Olivetti, part of my role was to engage with the media. And I loved it. After many years of working with some incredible business owners, marketing experts, colleagues and industry friends, now is the time for the Kestrel to take flight.

The ‘why’ for Kestrel brings together four passions:

Change is good. The way the communications landscape is changing. From the diversity of channels which engage different audiences, to the creation of narratives that makes people believe, care and act. However fast-paced and complex the environment, I believe it’s imperative to take a step back to ensure campaigns support marketing and business objectives, plan strategies to support them and have the best interests of clients at heart.

Technology. The evolution of technology continues to fascinate me every day. It impacts a vast array of industries, transforming strategic business direction, operations and customer experience. Basically, I love tech.

Everyone is involved. Working with great teams has inspired me to create an environment for others to be successful. I’ve worked in companies that either don’t have a transparent vision or it’s not conveyed. Without business goals and the enthusiasm to achieve them, everything suffers. The destination needs to be clear, but the journey is equally important. My mission is to make sure there are plenty of fun and memorable moments on the way for everyone.

Stories and people. Involvement in industry, business communities, external mentoring, business coaching and networking is also a passion. I love meeting people, hearing their stories and be inspired.

I’ve bought these passions together with a very specific aim: to create an authentic, passionate and business savvy communications agency that understands today’s complex and unpredictable marketing world.

Welcome to Kestrel Communications.